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Customer Facing Applications

Customer facing applications are business software products hosted on your systems used by your customers to interact with your company. Some examples include:

  • Content Management System – Software that helps organize web sites in form and function. Allows non-HTML writers to manipulate the web site.
  • Dispute Resolution Workflow – Software that can accept a dispute and route it through the correct people and statuses to see it through completion. As it is routed the customer can see what state it is in.
  • Work Order Entry – Accept work orders that are more heterogeneous than what a catalog can accept. Examples might be building maintenance, apartment complex maintenance, cable TV installation, etc.
  • Returns Authorization – Make sure equipment or product has an authorization and explanation why before allowing the customer to return the product for restocking or repair.
  • Configuration and Quotation – Allow the kitting of a product or service with optional features and the quotation of providing it.
  • E-Commerce – Allow your customers to purchase directly over the web instead of working with a sales specialist.
  • Customer Integration – Your customers may want your systems to tell them something – use web services or machine readable files to keep your customer's informed.
  • Vendor Integration – You are a customer too! Set up integrations with your vendors to inform them of needs and to understand their available resources.